Benefits of Having Custom Mobile App

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Available Features

Superpowers of Your Custom Mobile App

Mobile Reservations

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Customers will be able to order any of your products directly from the App.

Custom Appearance

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Get your brand in as many hands as possible. Remember, people spend 3 hours a day on their Mobile device.

Data Analytics

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How many people are using the App? Who's using it? What features are they using? How many times has Joe been to the store this week?

Easy Social Sharing

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Let your customers spread the word for you by making your App a communication hub.

Video and Podcast

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Talkshow hosts, DJs, YouTubers: get your content in front of your customers.

Push Notifications

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Your customers will be immediately alerted whenever your business has a new event, product or announcement.

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Who am I?


AppOfficer is about much more than making cool gadgets for phones. My core mission is to empower small business owners to not only become a part of the emerging technological revolution, but thrive in it. My priorities are and will always be: people, product, profit in that order. In many cases I cannot solve your problem myself. But if that is the case, I consider it my personal responsibility to give you the tools to make it happen!

Greg Search

Founder, AppOfficer

What I Deliver

  • Consumer Growth Strategy
  • App Design
  • Social Media Optimization
  • App Monetization Strategy

My Skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript 94%
Marketing 87%
UX Design 97%
Leadership 83%

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