Great you have a custom Mobile App. Your provider had an amazing powerpoint about how it’s going to improve customer satisfaction and make you money in the long run. So how do you market it?

Step 1: Total Awareness

This may seem obvious by I see countless great products go nowhere because people forget that marketing starts with awareness. In order to download the Mobile App, your customers need to know that it exists. With this, I would start simple. Tell everyone that’s in the store. Better yet, tell them before the Mobile App comes out. This stuff takes time. But once you’ve gotten a positive response, you need to market the custom App everywhere: facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. You could even hold a special get together to announce it. The point is nearly 100% of your customers should at least be aware that there’s a new Mobile App in town.

Step 2: Get the Initial Download

This isn’t rocket science in theory. But in practice, this can get really difficult. We live in a noisy world. It can be very hard to market because your customers’ attention is split so many different ways. Keep in mind, people will always choose the easiest option to accomplish a task. The way to get them to download first is by making a custom, one-off feature. An example is a mortgage calculator if you’re a Realtor.

habit forming is essential for properly marketing your custom mobile app

Step 3: Get them to Use the App Once

This is possibly the most crucial step. Many novice business owners can get one download. But the moment you get them to check the custom App again, you have formed a habit. In “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,” Nir Eval calls this the initial action and reward. The way to do this is with push notifications. Those little red circles with numbers are a marketing goldmine and they control more of our daily activity than we’d like to admit. This is easy to do with a custom Mobile App by the way. Reward the customer for clicking. Have you ever wondered why the average user spends 30 minutes a day on Facebook? They’ve mastered the action-reward cycle.

Step 4: Get them to Participate

Now that we’ve gotten them in the door, let’s make them feel at home. Although techniques change, the principles of marketing don’t. In order to feel passionately, people need to feel involved. This is a win-win. They populate your custom App with great content. You get free content creators. Nowadays, attention is currency. The more time spent on your custom App, the more your brand grows and the more influence you have.

social sharing is great for marketing custom mobile App

Step 5: Get them to Spread the Word

You’re not out of the marketing woods yet. Let’s recap. We’ve taken your mobile presence from a wiz-bang piece of software to a global social network. That’s pretty cool. You will get some referrals just by making the custom App. But a loyalty program can be great here. Offer a 15% discount for every referral, which can be accomplished through the custom App. There you go, your business is growing like wildfire because you have taken the time to properly market your Mobile App.

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