Insight of Mobile App Development Process [Infographic]

It has been revealed that the mobile app development has increased by 2 million in the early 2016. And 2015 was the year of enterprise mobile apps. Almost every startup is coming up with its own mobile app as it provides the customers/prospective clients an opportunity to seamlessly go through the services provided by the organization/a [...]

10 Mobile Growth Hacks that will Sky Rocket Your App Growth [Infographic]

Why do you think Facebook has the personalized welcome screen & the content page? Why some of the mobile apps have introduced social logins in spite of getting huge registrations done? You & I were happy with the limited social sharing plugins, why do you think YouTube app has introduced copy link & other sharing buttons? It [...]

How to Develop an App | The Legal Issues [Infographic]

While developing an app you need to ensure that the developers & the artists you are working with are legally bound by you & are not leaking the confidential information of your company to your competitors or the world around. In short, ensure you do not land into any kind of legal issues. Here is [...]

How Long Does it Take to Build an App | App Building Guidelines

Generally, it takes 2-3 months to build an App. The steps go like - Designing Development Submit App store review, Wait for approval. In this article, we are to talk about designing in detail. But before that, let's have a look at the infographic 'How Long Does it Take to Build an App' designed by CRISPY [...]

Increasing Customer Loyalty on Mobile [Infographic]

Customer loyalty is prudent for your brand’s growth & success. In case they are not happy with your mobile apps you will lose your stake in the economy & the world as a whole. You will be nowhere. Research claims that technical issues, poor UX, low-value proposition are one of the main reasons of 80-90% [...]

The App Development Cycle – Step by Step Guide for App Development [Infographic]

An app developer adds the necessary features into the app that an app needs to function. How to decide what features needs to be added & how long will it take to develop an app? Let's study the App Development Cycle below, it will lead to all the answers.  Source: JudoBites. Discovery Phase Formulate a [...]

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