While developing an app you need to ensure that the developers & the artists you are working with are legally bound by you & are not leaking the confidential information of your company to your competitors or the world around. In short, ensure you do not land into any kind of legal issues.

Here is how you can lock the confidentiality of your idea. Check this infographic on ‘How to Develop an App | The Legal Issues’ by Legal123

the legal issues

SOURCE: Legal123

Confidentiality Agreement

The first step towards the development of an app is to brainstorm an idea, which includes –

  1. Check with other apps available if your idea has not been worked upon earlier,
  2. Decide free/paid/advertising
  3. Decide Android/iPhone/both
  4. Consider finding investors.

So, while you are brainstorming a great app idea, fixing a source/the sources of monetization, looking for investors, deciding the app platform, don’t forget to create a Confidentiality Agreement to get it signed by the investors/developers/partners etc. you will choose to develop/finance your app.

Confidentiality Agreement will lock their generosity & commitment towards your company & in case they tend to commit fraud, you will be in a position to sue them.

Evidence of Copyright

Design is the core part of your app, if someone out of the blue tends to claim its right on your design & your design is independent of the evidence of copyright, my friend! you will be in a position of grave distress. You will be helpless to do anything.

So, what you need to do is to copyright all the documents that include your designs.

Documents Involved

  • App Mockup

App Mockup helps to analyze layout, design & functionalities of a mobile app.

Some of the features include –

  1. Transform static designs into clickable prototypes that support gestures, animation & transitions.
  2. Transform a flat scene into a 3D screen.
  3. Amending the image by making changes in the code.
  • Functionality Document

So that the app developer understands what all it needs to develop in an app, you need to present the functionality document to the app developer.

  • Specification Document

Specification document includes the mention about specific functions & features an app is going to include.

App Developer Contract

The founder of mobile app skims through different app developers to finally give the contract of app development to a few selected one(s).

In order to legally bind the app developer with your company, you are supposed to create an App Developer Contract.

Do Remember –

  1. Use Your contract to sign the contract with the developer, not theirs.
  2. Define & agree to the deliverables, time & cost.
  3. Add a Confidentiality Clause
  4. Ensure that your contract specifies your ownership of the source code.

IP Protection

Choosing the app name & designing the app logo is the next step to be taken after app development.

Thus, the app marketer is supposed to trademark the app name & logo with IP Australia to protect them from stealing.

In case the app functionality is unique you can get the patent protection from IP Australia.

App Legals

While you release your app on app stores, play stores & your websites, include –

  1. A Terms & Conditions document if your app is paid.
  2. Include a privacy policy if your app contains private contacts of a person or an entity.
  3. Include a disclaimer to restrict your risk from the app not working or being misused.

Promote Your App

After completing all the legal responsibilities now you are all set to promote your app across media & social channels without any fear.

Your App is your brand’s face & entity. Unless the app is secured your brand is secured otherwise, you are nothing.