What do you think is best for your business? Mobile web or Mobile App? Let’s look at what this infographic say –

mobile app vs mobile web

SOURCE: hsw Solutions

Research claims that –

  • 60% of Mobile App users access mobile net daily
  • 63% of iPhone App users access mobile net daily.
  • Mobile searches have grown by 4x since 2010.


  • 71% expect mobile site to load as fast as the desktop site
  • 60% expect mobile site to load in 3 sec or less
  • By 2015, there will be one mobile device per person on earth.

So, what needs to be understood here is why mobile app users go for mobile net often? Is it like mobile net provides extra information? or, is it easily accessible?

Mobile App vs Mobile Web

Experts say that –

Mobile website development should be the first step of any business to build a mobile presence.

An app is generally built for specific purposes & is greatly used to build interactive engagement with users or clients.

 Mobile web is –

  • Instantly accessible
  • Compatible across devices
  • Easier to be found
  • ULR can be easily shared across users
  • Can’t be deleted
  • Easier & cheaper to develop
  • Easy to maintain, no extra work necessary
  • Delivering catalogs, content & shopping options.

For an App –

  • Download & installation is required
  • Separate version needed for each device
  • They are largely restricted to manufacture app store
  • They cannot be shared
  • Most apps are deleted after 30 days
  • They are time-consuming & expensive to create
  • An App requires constant upgradations & timely development
  • It should have feature-rich functionality.

In Short,

A mobile net should be developed because –

  • It rarely makes sense to build a mobile app without having a mobile net
  • It reaches the broader audience & can be easily searched on the search engines
  • Can be modified into a database driven app
  • Easier to drive advertising traffic to a mobile landing app.

Stats reveal –

  • 63% use mobile site for purchasing
  • 81% use mobile site over an app to research prices
  • 79% prefer mobile site for product reviews.

Whereas, an App is the best when it is used for –

  • Gaming & interaction
  • When it provides feature-rich functionalities
  • Regular & personalized use
  • Complex calculations & reporting
  • When no internet connection is required
  • It uses accelerometers, ingrained video capabilities, cameras, location-based & other advantages of a smartphone.

Stats reveal –

  • 57% won’t recommend business with bad mobile site
  • 40% turned to competitors after bad mobile experience
  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local businesses.

Hence, what you choose depends upon what you want.

“An app provides for rich media integration while mobile web offers wider reach at lower price.”

What do you think which one is better? Mobile app or Mobile web? Feel free to drop a comment below & share the article.