You want to build an app but cannot understand what it should be about? Or are you struggling to decide the major traction for your mobile app? Well, worry not, here’s all about what customers will love to access on your mobile app.

Here’s what your customers want your mobile app to do‘ infographic writes a guide to earn the users that complement you.

What mobile apps should do

SOURCE: Small Business Trends

Include a Loyalty Card Program

If you’re an avid traveler then you must be aware of loyalty cards. They are a type of reward cards that will offer you huge discount & exciting offers on the purchase after you have earned a fixed no. of points through purchase.

We always want to own every new stuff that hits the town but money poses a limitation. But with these loyalty cards in the mobile app, who would not want to cherish their dreams?

Stats reveal

  1. 70% of smartphone users would be interested in using their smartphone to receive discounts & collect points.
  2. 69% of smartphone users would be likely to download a loyalty application
  3. 52% of mobile users want to use their mobile devices to take benefit of loyalty programs offered by restaurants, bars & coffee shops.

Include Discount Coupons

Stats reveal –

  • 75% of consumers redeemed a mobile coupon in 2013
  • 39% of consumers spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon.
  • 36% of consumers would like to receive a mobile coupon based on their current location.

Types of Discount & Loyalty Features for your App

Mobile Coupons

A mobile coupon is an electronic coupon delivered on your mobile phone which can be exchanged for discount or rebate when a product/service is purchased.

Mobile offers are categorized in various categories –

  1. Discount offers
  2. Spending offers
  3. Buying offers
  4. Free offers
  5. Other offers

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win is another form of mobile marketing. By adding scratch & win coupon you can not only expose the users towards exciting prices but can also drive fun & engagement into your app.

Loyalty Cards

Provide Customer Service

  1. Over 78% of consumers surveyed use mobile apps for customer service purposes but beware,
  2. 55% of customers who leave feedback in a mobile app are not likely to remain a customer if their feedback is not reverted to.

So, you see, with the emergence of mobile apps everybody has got addicted to getting things handy, be it booking a seat, booking a flight, reserving admission in a college; if the hotel/organization have a mobile app, it should provide for easy customer facility.

And here it is what we are going to talk about next –

Types of Customer Service Features for your App

  1. Make reservations
  2. Book appointments
  3. Order food

Include a ‘Click-to-Call’ button

75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get response. Phone calls have 30-50% of conversion rate as compared to only 1-2% for clicks.

Moreover, from the business’s perspective,

  1. 47% of the mobile searchers described being feeling annoyed & frustrated or developed an urge to explore more about the company when there call went unanswered or the site did not have the ‘click-to-call’ button.
  2. 35% felt disappointed.

The prospective clients/users feel it’s easy to get the information they are looking for through call rather than dropping a mail or message & waiting for replies for days.

And even if the mail is quick to respond, the client does not want to take the risk of waiting even for an hour or two. The quicker the reply, the better it is.

Types of Contact Features for your App

  1. Click-to-Call
  2. Contact form
  3. Click-to-Email

Both, a  ‘contact form’ & a ‘click-to-email’ feature can be used to drop a query or share an insight about a particular topic a client/the user is willing to discuss with you but more than the message, a contact form focuses on getting the basic (or professional) background of the user.

Include Push Notifications

  1. 46% of consumers say they use push because they like getting personalized updates
  2. 65% check & open a push notification, if interested.

In fact,

  • 77% of users said mobile offers such as surprise points or rewards, exclusive content & special birthday messaging, have a positive or a very positive impact on their brand loyalty.


What will you like to include in your mobile app? Write to us in the comments below.