You’ve developed a mobile app but that’s not it, you need to promote your mobile app as well. The mobile app needs visibility & it cannot happen without formulating the set of marketing steps before & after mobile app’s launch. Here are steps to promote mobile app before & after launch.

Infographic: How to Promote Mobile App

How to promote mobile app



SOURCE: uSpeak & blucaribu

Before Launch

Just think about the most amazing thing on earth & you don’t know about it. Of Course, you cannot think about it. I’m sure you don’t want to be in that situation & nor your clients want to be either. So, tell them about the beautiful space they’re in, tell them how your mobile app & they are one of the best things that can happen to each other. And before you do that, here are some steps to follow –

Choose a Good Name

The name of your mobile app should resonate with the type of services it is going to deliver. Its USP should reflect in the name.

Thus, the mobile app’s name should be –

  1. Unique & memorable
  2. Include most important keywords
  3. It should not infringe any trademarks

Including all these traits will mark your app as distinguished & unique. I’m sure you won’t want your gaming app to lose itself in the wide ocean of gaming apps. You’d want it to be found. Thus, this can happen by attaching it with a unique name.

Find Your Competitors

Since you are not the only one to come up with a unique idea there must be others too who would have come up with the similar idea before so, while naming your mobile app or categorizing it as per its credentials, you must choose your competitors you want to compete with.

For eg – There are various Candy Crush apps, different versions & different variants of it have been introduced but still, each one of them hold a unique position.

Why? Because it was clear about who its competition is.

So, unless you are not crystal clear about who your competitors are, you will not be able to stand unique.

Choose a Right Category

Choosing a right category is like choosing the right packet for your product to fit into. Your target clients & users will judge your product by the packaging you give it. If they find the packaging wrong they’re certainly not going to buy it. Imagine Your Dost selling its brand by calling it a gaming app. People would not only get confused but might criticize the founder for not fulfilling the needful. Hence, leading to the loss of the target user or client.

Thus, before promoting your product you need to be sure about the category it falls into vis-a-vis the services it promises to deliver.

Here are the steps you need to take –

  1. Calculate your strengths; the more competitive is your category, the more downloads you will get
  2. Choose the most relevant category for your app.
  3. Estimate the #of downloads you will need to rank in each category

Create an Amazing Icon

An icon is the face of your brand so, ensure that you create an amazing one.

Here’s all that you need to do –

  1. Make it amazing & eye-catching,
  2. Deliver its style & purpose.

More than anything else special stress is on delivering ‘style & purpose’.

‘Style & purpose’ means –

  • The icon resonates with the character (or genre) of the app.
  • It is simple to relate with.

No user will want to use the app that he’s unable to connect with. He will simply pass by.

Take Screenshots

You must have seen how developers promote their apps, on social media & various other channels.

They take the snapshot & write a short description of how their app is useful to you. They create description images describing various features & functionality of the app.

Here is all you need to include in your screenshots –

  1. Write the content that convinces/influences the users to buy/download the app
  2. Make it memorable, informative & exciting
  3. Include your keywords
  4. Make it actionable!

Write a Good Title, Description & Keyword

Before you launch your mobile on play store or app store you need to write a good title & description of your app.


Promote mobile app

Add catchy ‘App Title’, relevant ‘App Description’ & the correct keyword.

Build a Great Landing Page

This is the last step to take before the launch in order to promote your app.

An appropriate landing page covers –

  1. Why you are here
  2. What we can do for you
  3. Why you must have us

Some landing pages include the personalized story about how the idea changed their life (of a creator) & this was one of the best things that happened to them.

This induces the feeling of oneness with the users & tempts them to believe in the integrity they are.

After Launch

Push for as many downloads as you can on the first day after launch to rise to the top of the charts.

Sign Up for Analytics App

  1. ApSalar
  2. Flurry
  3. Localytics

are some of the analytics apps that you need to sign up to read the user’s & the investor’s response to your mobile app.

Get Featured on Review Site

Your Story is the website that talks all about the innovators, developers or anybody who is making a difference with its work.

Brands that get coverage here become an online sensation in no time.


Your Story portrays the founder/the inventor like the person next door who has gone through the normal (or extraordinary) hardships like any person in his situation would go through, only to build up the extraordinary entity.

This is what inspires the readers of YourStory to follow the protagonists it talks about in its stories.

Thus, getting featured by such renowned sites would give your mobile app a huge coverage & smashing hits on download.

Here’s how you can target the best review sites –

  1. Open a spreadsheet & get ready to look for target sites & contact information
  2. Start collecting  data well ahead of your launch
  3. Contact everyone ones the app goes live

Reach Out to Media

  1. Prepare your press kit (pictures, Press release, bio of the founders, screen shots, logos)
  2. Keep collecting data!
  3. Target Journalists, editors that cover your field.

Encourage Users to Share App on Social Media & do App Review

After the app is launched, the founders of the app encourage users to share app on social media & drop their reviews through image content, videos, personal messages etc.

Paid Promotion

There are various channels that ask for money for promoting you & they are genuine.

Here’re some of the channels –

  1. Admob
  2. Millenial Media
  3. Inmobi
  4. adwhirl
  5. Mobdix

This will help you to rise to the top of the charts. But do not go on with it for long. After a few months or a year has passed, organic ranking & promotion will serve you with the organic users.