If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I have a story I’d like to share with you. As a 24 year old recent college graduate, it seems to be my responsibility to become involved in a job that either a) I hate b) doesn’t fit my skills or c) no one is interested in. Well I’ve seen enough Steve Jobs interviews to avoid the first one. Working on my resume constantly helps me avoid option b). So I chose option c).

The plan was perfect. I’m a millennial so I have all these tech skills (Social Media, Mobile Apps and a dozen coding languages). My parents don’t even know how to share a link on Facebook. So there must be millions of people in the U.S. begging for a new hire to guide them through the wilderness of online media. Plus I found a way to make a $20,000 App for $300.

Of course people will buy the idea. It’s too good to ignore. If your reading this I’m sure you’ve made this mistake as well. Let’s call it narcissistic marketing. Basically the idea is that if you like it enough, others will have to. This comes from a lot of mis-information out there about entrepreneurs. The lone soldier in their basement. Everyone tells them to stop but they persevere because their idea is too great. Maybe this mentality worked for you, but it never has for me.

Selling Mobile Apps is really hard. And therein lies the lesson to be learned. Whether you’re your a blogger, politician or parent, you are a salesperson. You should be an expert at influencing others. So don’t sell Mobile Apps. If you’re in real estate, don’t sell houses. If you’re a used car salesman, don’t sell cars. Because people don’t care about Apps, houses and cars.

I felt the need to spread this message after attending a manager-employee seminar last night. Why was I there? First, because you can only look at your computer so long. Second, I believe that when you don’t know what to do, you should just do something. It ended up being a great experience to get in the mind of my potential clients.

My biggest takeaway from the speaker, Jose Rosario Garcia, was that dealing with people is not simple. I could have titled this post “3 step guide to getting your customers to work harder.” But the truth is that’s not easy. Here’re the steps to get started on your difficult journey. First, become a great listener. Second, become a great questioner. Third, become a great story-teller.

In conclusion, don’t sell your product. Sell yourself. Sell your client on the amazing future they could have. Thanks!

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